Special Edition Paper Airplane Kit

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We designed this kit in response to the challenge that the hosts over on The CrashCast gave to their listeners of building giant paper airplanes to fly in a "gaggle" at the 2015 SEFF.

This special edition kit features an XPS and carbon construction that is both extremely light as well as durable.  The precise tab-and-slot design eliminates any misalignment caused in the building process and ensures a top-notch finished product!  If you have ever wanted a 4-foot long RC paper airplane that flies fast and slow equally well, this is the kit for you!

Click HERE to download a 3D PDF rendering of the current prototype design! (Right-click, Save Link As to save the file to your desktop for viewing.  Requires Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer)

Product Specifications:

  • Wingspan: 24"
  • Length: 48"
  • Wing Area: 600 sq.in.
  • Elevon control for aerobatic flight
  • Power System: Preliminary specification (subject to change)
    • Motor: 28-12 1534kv Outrunner
    • Prop: 8x4
    • ESC: 30A
    • Battery: 1000mAh 2S/3S
    • Servos: 5g Sub-micro (2x)
    • Receiver: 6-channel ultra-light
Included in the kit are all CNC-cut XPS foam pieces, CNC-cut control horns and firewall, all carbon strips, as well as all of the necessary control linkage hardware to complete your model.  Just add your electronics and you are off!

Here is a video of the second flight of one the first SE Paper Airplane Kits to be shipped out to customers!  Video credit to: old_coastie

Below is a video of the smaller, 16" wingspan version flying indoors.  It will give you an idea of the great slow flight characteristics of the air frame design!

All kits are cut to order so please allow one week for us to prepare your order.  Thank you!