Mini 4-Fitt

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Our extremely popular Mini Mana-Tee needed a combat nemesis so we developed this, the Mini 4-Fitt!   Solid flying wing flight characteristics combine with the unique and defining feature of this model; the four vertical stabilizers.  Mounted on the elevons, the vertical stabs move with the elevon creating a very aerobatic yet stable flight envelope.  A solid and durable performer, this will be your go-to plane when you need to fly in tight quarters.

Install the available completion kit and be prepared for unlimited vertical and snappy handling that won't break the bank!

Product Specifications

  • 18" Wingspan
  • Lightweight and durable XPS and carbon construction
  • 2S Brushless Power System
  • 89g/3.12oz AUW
  • Available in kit version only

The kit version of this plane includes all CNC-cut foam, carbon, and plywood parts.  Also included are all required hardware for completion, and a full-color assembly and instruction manual.  Delivered unpainted.

Assembly and Tuning Manual

Recommended Power System

Sawn Craft Mini Completion Kit

  • 10A brushless ESC
  • Turnigy 1822 2100kv brushless motor or 50W power equivalent.  Includes prop adapter and propeller.
  • 2x 3.6g servos or equivalent
  • Spektrum-compatible 6-ch receiver or equivalent (JR plugs)

All kits are cut to order so please allow one week for us to prepare your order.  Thank you!