Micro Gloster Javelin

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The full-size Gloster Javelin was an all-weather, twin-engine, night intercept aircraft that served with the RAF during the late 1950's and into the 1960's.  With a crew of two, the Javelin was exactly what the RAF were looking for when they needed a high-tech and capable interceptor that could be ready at a moment's notice to defend against any threat!  We feel that we have a great-flying representation of Gloster's cold-war era aircraft!

The CNC-cut XPS of is extremely lightweight and durable. This air frame is extremely stable so only elevon control surfaces are included in the kit.  For those looking for more aerobatic performance, dial in full control surface throws for loops and rolls while if you want a smooth and stable flyer, tone the throws down for a relaxing time behind the sticks! The air frame is capable of basic aerobatics (loops, rolls, etc) and excels at slow, high-alpha flight!

Assembly is easy due to the tab and slot design and the airplane is powered by components that are so common that you might already have them sitting in your spare parts bin!

Product Specifications

  • 12" Wingspan
  • Lightweight and durable XPS and carbon construction
  • Rudder/Elevator/Throttle or Throttle/Elevon Control
  • Designed for 1S Ultra-Micro brushed power systems
  • 1.25oz. / 34g flying weight
  • Custom decal set: Link

  • This plane kit includes all CNC and laser-cut parts, all required hardware for completion, and a full-color assembly and instruction manual.  Delivered unpainted.

Assembly and Tuning Manual

Recommended Power System

1S Ultra-Micro Brushed
  • Parkzone Champ/Mustang Brick or equivalent without AS3X
  • Parkzone Champ/Mustang motor, gearbox, and prop or equivalent
  • 1S 160mAh Lipo battery

All kits are cut to order so please allow one week for us to prepare your order.  Thank you!