Dream-Flight Libelle DLG Kit

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In 2016, Sawn Craft was introduced to the joy of slope soaring.  For people new to gliders and slope soaring as a whole, being introduced to the Dream-Flight line of aircraft made the transition from powered flight extremely simple and straight-forward.  The aircraft are super easy to assemble, are very durable, and they fly extremely well!  We are pleased to be an official Dream-Flight dealer!

Note: Dream-Flight products are only available for local purchase.  Unfortunately, we are unable to ship these items.  If you are in the Northeast US and would like to make a purchase, please contact us and we'll get in touch with you.  If you are outside of our local area and would like to purchase Dream-Flight products, visit Dream-Flight.com and tell them Sawn Craft sent you!

There are few experiences in model aviation more satisfying to the soul than flying an efficient, slow-moving glider that has been launched to soaring altitude by hand. The Libelle takes RC hand-launch glider flying to the next level, building off of the global acceptance of the Dream-Flight Alula. Until now, this type of experience had been out of reach for many pilots for a variety of reasons. The Libelle is for everyone; it can be assembled, balanced, and trimmed for flight by pilots of any experience level.

The kit features Dream-Flight's "ARG" Almost Ready to Glide construction that means that many of the difficult assembly items have been completed at the factory leaving you with a quick-building model. The precision-molded EPO construction and composite components combine to create a durable and lightweight performer that will suit you well on the slope or at your local flying field hunting down thermals!

Product Specifications

  • Wingspan: 1200mm (47.2") 
  • Wing Area: 21.31 dm^2 (330in^2) 
  • Weight: 278-290g (9.8-10.2oz)
  • Wing Loading: 13-13.6 g/dm^2 (4.3-4.5oz/ft^2)
  • Controls: 4 to 6 channels
  • Flight Style/Conditions: Buoyant, nimble, & stable light lift slope & DLG thermaling

As we are a full Dream-Flight dealer we offer their complete lineup of products including their premium electronics and spare parts that will keep you soaring for a long, long time!  If you are interested in purchasing Dream-Flight accessories and spare parts please contact us.