Dream-Flight Alula-TREK Kit

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In 2016, Sawn Craft was introduced to the joy of slope soaring.  For people new to gliders and slope soaring as a whole, being introduced to the Dream-Flight line of aircraft made the transition from powered flight extremely simple and straight-forward.  The aircraft are super easy to assemble, are very durable, and they fly extremely well!  We are pleased to be an official Dream-Flight dealer!

Note: Dream-Flight products are only available for local purchase.  Unfortunately, we are unable to ship these items.  If you are in the Northeast US and would like to make a purchase, please contact us and we'll get in touch with you.  If you are outside of our local area and would like to purchase Dream-Flight products, visit Dream-Flight.com and tell them Sawn Craft sent you!

The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world's most popular bird-inspired RC glider. The ultra lightweight and packable airframe is perfect for travel and exploration, assembling in minutes without glue! Whether at a a coastal dune, mountain ridge, or your local park- the only limit is your soaring imagination. Spend less time building and more time outside flying, with the Dream-Flight alula-TREK.

The kit features Dream-Flight's "ARG" Almost Ready to Glide construction that requires no glue to assemble the entire aircraft.  From experience, we have assembled one of these on the picnic table at the flying field in about 30 minutes!  The precision-molded EPO construction and composite components combine to create a durable and lightweight performer that is small enough to take with you on just about any adventure!

Product Specifications

  • Wingspan: 900mm (35.4") 
  • Wing Area: 16.71 dm^2 (259in^2) 
  • Weight: 156-184g (5.5-6.5oz)
  • Wing Loading: 9.3-11 g/dm^2 (3.1-3.6oz/ft^2)
  • Controls: 2-channel Elevon
  • Flight Style/Conditions: Light lift slope and side-arm launch thermal

As we are a full Dream-Flight dealer we offer their complete lineup of products including their premium electronics and spare parts that will keep you soaring for a long, long time!  If you are interested in purchasing Dream-Flight accessories and spare parts please contact us.